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Industrial Sites
Industrial Applications of Solar Energy

Solar energy is an ideal power source for a variety of industrial applications. The ability to deliver power to remote sites at low cost is a tremendous advantage for many industries. Month after month, photovoltaic systems will keep the power flowing with little or no maintenance. Industrial uses for solar power include:

RTU/SCADA Applications;
Data Collection; 
Security Lighting &Surveillance;
Navigational Aids;
Flow Monitoring;
UHF/VHF Radio;
Seismic Monitoring; 

Tank Guaging;
Radio Telephones; 
Railroad Signaling;     
Area/Sign Lighting;
Cellular Extenders;     
Microwave Repeaters; 
Wireless Data;      
Cathodic Protection;
Irrigation Control;

Our solar systems give necessary power to telecommunication relays of any of difficult access area. They replace the fuel generators and ensure an autonomy operation. As a result you will not require more than 2 maintenance visits per year. The telecommunication stations can be built in mountainous areas which are extremely difficult to access. They can form a several hundred km network telecommunications. The sites average altitude can be higher than 1800 m. The wind speed can be extreme. In some areas, the winter can be very rigorous.

The fuel generators use isn’t economically justified. The yearly fuel consumption per station can exceed 9000 gallons. Supply fuel in real time can be problematic for two reasons: firstly, the access to the site can be extremely difficult; secondly, you can completely depend to the derived fuel import. Microwave repeater sites, rural telephony, two-way radio -- whatever remote communications need you have, we can provide the right system for you.

Traffic Safety

The low maintenance and consistent operation of solar-powered systems make them an ideal choice for powering traffic safety equipment. Message boards, warning signals, flashing beacon systems and lighting are just a few of the possible applications

Railroad Solar Power Systems

The long distances involved in running a railroad mean that there is often a need for power in remote locations. Solar energy is a good choice for such places, as it is often cheaper than getting utility lines extended. It also requires no extra lines or cables; units can be self-contained. Whether powering track circuits or trackside signals, the railroad business involves many needs for power in remote locations, where any lapse in power can be extremely dangerous. This makes a reliable solar powered system not only a good idea, but essential.

12 KBTU Solar Air Conditioner
12 KBTU Solar Air Conditioner
3,996 $CA
2,486 $CA