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Sanya Wind/Solar Hybrid Streetlamp
8,880 $CA

Our street lamp is ideal for a variety of public lighting establishments such as roads, highways, parking lots, bridges, walkways, and communities. Installation is always quick and affordable. In a traditional grid powered street lamp installation, much of the expense is in wiring the lamps to the gird. This is not necessary with our product. Installation only requires pouring a concrete foundation, connecting the street lamp, and then turning on the power switch. From day one the lamps will be ready to light the ground below. For individuals looking for a grid-tie set-up we suggest using our UGE-1K VAWT which will provide a large excess of energy that can be fed into the grid to provide power for other nearby applications.

Instead of providing one design and forcing it to all projects, our wind/solar street lamp solution is customized to fit each project depending on the lighting, color and design needed, as well as the wind and sunlight available. This gives our customers a product that can be tailored to fit all of their needs without the customization fees.


740 W Wind Solar System
740 W Wind Solar System
3,700 $CA
3,552 $CA