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Solar Pool Heating Kit (400 sq.ft. Pool)
10,594 $CA

Closed Loop
Solar Pool Heating Systems

Gobi collectors are more efficient than plastic pool collectors, which means fewer panels are needed to achieve the desired energy production.

Solar pool heating is the most economical method to heat your pool and extend the swim season. The versatile design of our pool system allows it to be installed in any region for indoor and outdoor use. Because we use a closed loop design, the system offers you the highest amount of durability, longevity, and performance.


·    Freeze protected anywhere

·    No boilout with 150 psi rated system

·    Protected from harmful chemicals

·    Use in any climate

·    Seasonal or year round heating

·    Heat indoor or outdoor pools

·    Dual purpose heating capability

The Gobi collectors are filled with a non-toxic glycol-water mix in a closed-loop design for protection against freezing in all areas. Heat exchangers, of heavy duty construction, transfer the heat collected in the Gobi to the pool with minimal loss of efficiency and for permanent protection from pool chemicals and hard water deposits.

How It Works

When there is sufficient heat to be drawn from the collectors, the pool controller automatically activates the pumps and circulates the heated solar fluid. The solar fluid will pass through a heat exchanger, transferring its heat to the pool water passing through the exchanger. The heated pool water is then circulated through a filter and back into the pool while the solar fluid is circulated back to the collectors to be reheated. This circulation loop will continue as long as there is heat to be drawn from the collectors.


All systems include the LX 200B Controller, flush mount hardware, Pool Pump Group, and the Dyn-o-Seal Kit in addition to the components listed in the table below.


Indoor pools usually require anywhere from 75-100% of the surface area in equivalent collector area depending on various factors, while outdoor pools require usually about 50% of the surface area in equivalent collector area in most cases.  Sizing sytems for indoor pools can be a bit tricky as there is no solar gain (or sun heating the surface of the water) and whether or not the room is heated is also a factor.  For both outdoor and indoor pools, a pool cover makes a big difference!

Available Systems - Heliodyne also carries solar pool heating systems for 100 ft2 pools and 800 ft2 pools. Please call us for more information if you're interested!


Part No.


GOBI Collector Area

Heat Exchanger

Expansion Tank


200 sq. ft.


2 (410 001)

80.30 sq. ft.

PHEX 032 000

EXPT 002 000


400 sq. ft.


4 (410 001)

160.6 sq. ft.

PHEX 032 000

EXPT 005 000


600 sq. ft.


6 (410 001)

240.9 sq. ft.

PHEX 052 000

EXPT 005 000





1120 W of grid Solar System
1120 W of grid Solar System
6,660 $CA
6,577 $CA