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Bogart Engineering TM-2020
326 $CA




Helps save valuable energy by letting you see how much you're using

  Use "amps" to educate users about how much energy different electrical loads draw.

  Check that all loads are really off when you think they're off.

  Check for "phantom loads"-small loads that steal power 24 hours per day.

  Keep informed about how much energy you have left in your battery system.

  Reduce generator use by knowing when you can efficiently shut it off because batteries are approaching full charge.

Provides information you need to protect your battery investment.

  Know when to turn on your generator to avoid damage from over discharge.

  Check that charging systems are charging to correct voltage for longest life.

  Be reminded not to let batteries go too many days between a full charge.

Helps locate system problems when they occur.

  Monitor solar arrays and inverter/chargers to be sure they are still charging at proper rates and voltage.

  Find out if batteries are still holding energy properly.

  Even if you're not an expert, a dealer or other knowledgeable person can more easily help you "by phone" to locate a problem if you have a monitor on your system.

How The TriMetric Determines That Batteries Are Charged:When the TriMetric senses that batteries are charged, it resets the "days since charged" display to 0.00 and (at user option) resets the "amp hours" to 0.00 and the "Battery % Full" to 100%. The TriMetric determines that the batteries are "charged" when the battery voltage rises above a user programmed "charged voltage" (adjustable from 10.0-35.0 volts within 0.1 volt) and the charging amps goes below a user programmable "charge current criteria" (adjustable from 1-100 amps within 1 amp). This condition must remain for 20 seconds.

User Selectable Efficiency Factor:Amp hours may be monitored without an "efficiency factor," meaning that the "charge" and "discharge" current for the "net amp hours" reading are both accumulated at exactly 100% rate. Or a "charge efficiency" factor may be manually set from 60% to 100% in 1% increments. This means that the discharging current will subtract from amp hours at 100% rate, where as the charging current accumulates at the lower specified rate, to approximate the "charge efficiency" of the battery. This compensates for the fact that you don't get quite as much charge out of a battery as you put in.

The Same Reliable, Proven Measurement Circuit:This TriMetric circuit has proven accurate and reliable for over three years in production. All programmed information retained when meter unpowered.

Remote Locatable:Up to 55 feet with four #22 ga. wires. Up to 150 feet with #18 wire. Longer distances are possible with larger wire size.

Bright Display With Low Current Draw:Requires about 30mA with display on-about 16mA with display off.

Size:Designed to fit into a standard "double-gang" electrical box mounted 90 degrees from the usual position. See accessories section (on the back) for suitable enclosure. Panel size ( inches): 41/2 x 43/4 x 13/4 deep .




540W Solar Grid Off
540W Solar Grid Off
2,818 $CA
2,753 $CA