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Tri Star Web
1,550 $CA

Morningstar’s TriStar Web View remote monitoring is an advanced hardware and software package that provides live data from an off-grid PV system to a website over the internet. Designed from proven on-grid PV monitoring technology developed by Fat Spaniel Technologies, this product uses the TriStar’s communications capability to manage remote PV systems from any web browser… anytime and anywhere. The TriStar Web View communicates PV system status from the TriStar controller over a broadband or wireless internet connection to a website for 24/7 access. The website displays realtime and historic data as well as advance alerts of any potential system problems. All of the hardware and software is included to enable a simple “plug and play” installation. By avoiding expensive site visits, the TriStar Web View will reduce the life cycle costs of off-grid PV systems.


FST Communications Gateway
• Translates data from the TriStar for transmission over the Internet
RS-232 Cable
• For connecting the FST Comm Gateway to the TriStar
DC Power Adapter
• Required for 12V and 48V systems (not needed for 24V)
Router or GSM Modem
• Router supplied by others if Internet access has been previously enabled at the site. Otherwise, we will provide a preprogrammed GSM modem.
5 Year Site license
• Web hosting and support is included.

Note: Compatible with any TriStar controller


Manufacturer Info
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