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1410 W Solar Grid Off
12,519 $CA

6 Trina 235 Watt Solar Panels
4 UniRac Solar Mount Rails and Clamps to flush mount solar panels on a pitched roof
1 Xantrex/Trace SW2524 Plus Inverter
2 10 ft 2/0 inverter cables
1 Xantrex/Trace Conduit Box
1 Flex Max 80 A Charge Controller 12-48 V
1 Outback Remote Temperature Probe with 15' cable
1 Xantrex TM500 Meter with 500 amp shunt
1 Outback Power System PV combiner box
8 Outback Power 9 amp array breakers
1 Midnite 125 amp breaker DC
1 Xantrex/Trace 60 amp circuit breaker DC
1 Xantrex/Trace ground bonding block
1 DC Lightning Arrestor
8 5 meter MC Connectors
8 Surrette S-460 Batteries
13 12" 2/0 battery cables
1 PV Array Ground Fault Protection
1 MSM Electric electrical drawing


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