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Xantrex Link 10 Single Battery Monitor
369 $CA


Single Bank Monitor

Provides Battery Status Information At-A-Glance

The Link 10 (part#84-2016-01) uses sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide complete battery status information for one battery bank.  Simple and easy-to-use multicolour display show volts, amps hours consumed, and operating time remaining.  The Link 10 and 20 allow you to select Automatic, Sleep and Scanning modes an automatically calculate and display charging efficiency.  By adding an optional prescaler, Link 10 can monitor single battery banks up to 500 volts. 

Product Features

  • Digital Numeric Display - LED display shows numeric read out of volts, amps, amp-hours and time remaining
  • Easy to read multi-color LED bar graph
  • Splash proof panels allow for outdoor mounting and hands free operation
  • Displays key historical battery information such as charge efficiency, deepest discharge, and average discharge
  • Compatible with 12 and 24 volt DC systems
  • Works with any battery type
  • Includes DC shunt (part#84-2010-00)
  • Low battery alarm contacts
  • One year warranty


  • Color-coded, twisted pair cable (eases installation). Available in 25 (part#84-2014-00) or 50 foot lengths (part#84-2015-00).
  • Prescalers (0-100 or 0-500 volts) to extend voltage range covered by your meter

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Manufacturer Info
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