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7000 lumens Area Lighting
5,180 $CA

130 Watt, Kyocera  Solar Module MPQ: 2 / BOX Qte (4)

Side of Pole Mount, 2 x 120W Module Qte (2)

Weathertight Gland 1/2 IN, NPT Qte (4)

Sunlight Lighting Controller with Timer, 20A/12V Qte (2)

Deka  solar 8A4D AGM Battery, 216Ah, 12V Qte (4)

Battery Interconnect cable, #4, 10 IN Qte (6)

Led Foodlight, 36W, 12V Qte (2)

Six  circuit Fuse Block W/Ground Qte (6)

Single Phase, 300 VAC Lightning Arrestor Qte (1)

NEMA4-4X enclosure, insulated R5, with 2 separator shelves, battery brackets, padlock provision, 30"x30"x16" Qte(1)


Manufacturer Info
MSM Electric
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12 KBTU Solar Air Conditioner
12 KBTU Solar Air Conditioner
3,996 $CA
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