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MSM Electric has activites in wind, solar and electrical projects
In wind and solar MSM Electric,

Calibres the sites to determine their wind potential with precision by using Wind Watcher Data Logger, meteological sattelite data and  programmation.
Studies the wind and solar projects design, and realisation.                     
Proceeds to the wind, solar projects choices and financial estimates for any site by using the potential wind, potential solar and customer energy needs.  
Makes solar panels, wind turbine, circuits breaker, switches, fuses, charge controllers, batteries… installation and electrical connexions wiring.

The wind turbine power or production curves and your area wind mean velocity aren't sufficient to determine the wind turbine you need. To believe that can bring you to the bad choice and large surprises or financial losses.You need atmospheric parameters other wind mean velocity to have the power curve corresponding to your site.The curves presented correspond to the manufacturer laboratory atmospheric conditions who generally arranges to have the best curve. Our characteristic is the capacity to have your site parameters to have the curves which correspond and make you the good choice. Our characteristic also is the determination with a high precision of all connection  controller, protection, energy  storage and conversion accessories efficiency to have with rigour the adequate wind turbines or solar panels .That prevents these accessories to monopolize a good wind turbine production intended for your domestic equipment. Our experiment pushes us to act thus.

By programming, we proceed to study and evaluate, the wind mean velocities, Weibull distribution parameters corresponding to your site annual distribution, your site turbulence average intensity, your site ground roughness average, the time percentage that wind blows in a sector, your site wind density average, your site power and energy average density, your site duration curves wind velocity and power. In order to be better in our wind turbine choice. The choice and installation on site of the some wind turbines are done in collaboration with our partners.

MSM Electric proposes, installs and brings into service the teleprocessing equipment which files all the wind park events for corrective and preventive maintenance. They automatically allow an operator to be alerted in case of alarm and control an installation in real-time. They allow to collect, via the telephone network, Internet, Intranet, of the technical data (active energy and reactivates produced and consumed, power average, max., min., up time...) coming from all wind turbines. They make also possible to consult assessments and personalized graphs with automatic update and a possibility to diffuse them by e-mail or fax.

MSM Electric carries out also the charts and animated installations for consultation and remote control.

For the great wind projects, MSM Electric makes,

1. feasibility or profitability study under certainty by using site information, initial costs pre-tax and after tax, annual debt interest rate, net present value or value present, end of project life value, periodic costs, avoided cost of energy, RE production credit, GHG emission reduction credit, inflation, Discount rate, debt ratio, debt interest rate, debt term, project life, feasibility study costs, equipment costs,  engineering costs, development costs, balance of plant costs, maintenance costs, operating costs, miscellaneous costs.
2. feasibility or profitability under uncertainty by using  a possible future variation costs, incomes, project life, inflation...          
3. multi criteria analysis mutli by international software by using other subjective criteria.

 In power panels and remote control MSM Electric,

Studies and manufactures the electrical power panels for electrical distribution and automation.
Selects, Configures, and programs the Siemens, Allen-bradley, Omron, télémécanique automats according to the customer requirements.
Configures the water teleprocessing and telemetry remote terminal unit, the electricity networks remote monitoring and remote control terminate unit according to the customer requirements and electrical standards.

The Remote Terminal Unit supervises an installation's parameters, allows an operator to be alerted in case of alarm and control an installation in real-time, operates in real time or by using the database made up of the data gathered on the network. We select the directional and omnidirectional antennas, the transmitters - receivers, the sensors, the power panels... which go with these remotes terminal unit. The installations can be pumping stations  (water sources located at several km of the tanks), irrigation stations, insulated factories, environmental monitoring sites, emergency warning devices.

 In electrical design MSM Electric,

Makes a dimensiong of any electrical equipment or installation of your factory, residence, firm, cants, country cottage, HLM, commercial building, hotel, boat, medical center, pumping, irrigation and purification stations...

Determines all electrical anomalies and bad electrical components choice of your installation. That enables you to avoid the risk of a bad dimensioning which can be fatal in people protection, maintenance, production, financial loss, credibility... 

According to customer need, standards and future extensions, thanks to our thorough training, our experiment, and our international software, we make a detailed study as regards :
1.      General information about the neighbouring electrical network supply
2.      Electrical powers assessment
3.      Necessary electrical energy for the installation
4.      Obligatory protections
5.      Equipment and necessary accessories for the installation
6.      Cost

Once this study made, we will analyze what was proposed for comparison
After we will analyze :

1. In detail technical specifications of all the equipment suggested.
2. The neutral mode.
3. The good choice of shorts-circuit currents.
4. Wire specifications.
5. Electrical diagrams.
6. Assembly, the connection of the equipment.
7. The power panels protection and dimensions.
8. Types, sections and spacing of the bar.
9. The power panels equipment filiation and selectivity.
10. The circuit breakers magnetic thermal protections, the automats characteristics, the supervision and acquisitions systems, contactors, relay, switches...
11. The connector and blocks connection numeration and location.

MSM Electric sells,

The wind turbine from 400 W to 2.5 MW.   
The solar panels.                              
Solar heating water.                      
Solar heating air.                
Solar air-conditioning                                                                      
The electricity acquisition stations remote monitoring
and remote control.                       
The water acquisition stations  teleprocessing.    
Energy Efficient Appliances.          
The Inverters.            
The kill a Watt.              
Absolyte IIP Battery       
Swimming pools solar heating
Solar pumps.    
All accessories of wind generator and solar panels
(Ammeters, circuit breakers, towers, charge controller, 
DC voltages converters, batteries...).  

If you are connected to the electrical supply network, then think about our help device which give you in breakdown the necessary power. Or device is highly reliable, ecological, without noise. Its price depends on the equipment power which must be supplied and the switch on duration

MSM objectif aim :
getting more from sun 

The measurements taken on the ground and corrected  by recent measurements realized on board satellites confirmed that the solar constant is 1360 W/(m^2).

With this constant we can have the solar luminosity L. The total power that it radiates, starting from its distance D = 1.5x10^11m, by the relation L = 4pdxdx1360, is: 4x10^(26) W.

Corresponding daily energy can feed all world countries during 37 years.
The solar sources energy, renewable arises in various forms:
Direct solar radiation
Power tides, waves and the thermal energy of the seas wood and generally: plants.

Many devices make it possible to recover this energy and to transform it into usable energies forms (thermical, mechanical, electrical, chemical...).

MSM Electric provides you the best among these devices to enable you to satisfy all your requirements without any invoice and by protecting your environment.

540W Solar Grid Off
540W Solar Grid Off
2,818 $CA
2,753 $CA